Based in Hawaii, HK Robotics was conceived and founded by robotics engineers, USMC and Navy Veterans. 
HK Robotics is committed to global change and humanitarian improvements by providing custom robotics and drone technology. Our primary mission is desiging cost effective, life-saving, air, land and sea drones for the detection, mapping and clearing of unexploded ordnance (UXO). The use of our technology to clear/diffuse UXO, lessens the opportunity for accidental detonation by innocent civilians and radically enhances bomb technician safety measures by removing the need for direct human operator contact.

Every year, UXO kill 15,000 to 20,000 people — most of them children, women and the elderly — and severely maim countless more.  Scattered across 90 countries, The UN estimates there are 100 Million UXO remaining worldwide and that it will take 600 years to clean up and decades more for the environment to heal and regenerate.

UXO Detection Drone
UXO Detection Drone

HK1 - UXO Detection Drone with patented power supply for 5 + hours flight and loiter time.

Dangerous undetected landmines
Dangerous undetected landmines

There are over 85M land mines world wide

The largest UXO victims
The largest UXO victims

Getting a much needed prosthetic

UXO Detection Drone
UXO Detection Drone

HK1 - UXO Detection Drone with patented power supply for 5 + hours flight and loiter time.



   HK Robotics is a custom A.I. Design

    &  Build service.


  • Design/Build CAD CAM Systems

  • Programing of Mills CNC Machine Code

  • Robotics Engineering

  • Automation Control Systems

  • PLC Programing, Machining



With some of the best industry experts on board, partnerships with leading industry expertise and access to the best analytical tools, we are well equipped to support your mission.


  • ​Custom Drone Designs

  • UXO Detection and Mapping

  • ​Roof and Powerline Inspections​

  • Ocean & Mountain Search and Rescue

  • Ocean & Land Surveys and Live Monitoring

  • Water Purification Systems

  • Power Systems



  • Midwest Innovations & Engineering

  • Phantasm Robotics Inc.

  • Heizer Aerospace Inc.

            Our Focus 

            Our Focus 

HK Robotics’ focus is on the minimization of human exposure to potential hazards and the fatigue that can accompany repetitive tasks while performing intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance operations.  HK Robotics products are designed to be used in an autonomous or human interface mode in the detection and identification of targeted entities.


Mission packages can be designed, fabricated and validated quickly to meet client and project needs using tailored components and mission specific equipment.




Dr. Art Bruckheim
Developing courseware for managing innovative technology:


"Warren is a very energetic and ambitious individual who will carry a problem through to a solution. I first met Warren as part of the DARPA Grand Challenge. Warren was a contestant and showed exceptional fortitude in getting a vehicle into the competition. Warren did most of the work in his garage yet qualified to be in the finals. Warren is dedicated and hard working and will be an asset to any organization that utilizes his talents.